Saturday, 8 September 2012

How to Motivate Job Seekers to Find Work

Sustaining the motivation to find work can be exhausting and frustrating. Some job seekers become depressed when they've been searching for work for a long time, and they simply give up looking. Remember that finding a job is a law of averages---send out enough resumes and make enough contacts and eventually you'll be back at work.

Establish a daily routine. Remember that looking for a job is your job. If you went to work everyday, you would have a set routine. There is no reason not to have a set routine now.

Use a planner to schedule specific tasks each day and ensure that you dedicate at least four to five hours each day for the job search. Don't allow yourself to sleep past 8 a.m. during the work week---job hunting should occur during business hours.

Set specific goals that are attainable through small incremental targets. For example, one goal could be to update your resume, followed by asking friends to review it. Another goal could be that you will make a certain number of cold calls to potential employers each week.

Write down your goals and keep them visible in your work space to remind you of your direction while searching for work.

Review goals at the end of every week and set new goals for the following week. If you missed the mark on some of your goals, re-assign them to the following week. For example, if making a contact at a local agency was on your goal list last week and you didn't do it, re-assign the goal to be accomplished on Monday of the following week.

Celebrate successes. Staying motivated means staying positive. Celebrate small gains such as scoring an interview or making contact with an employer. Invite friends over or go to the movies with your spouse to mark your accomplishment.

Tell friends about your plans so they are included in your journey. Friends can help keep you in the game and motivated if you include them in your celebrations and path to a new job.
By Gina Ragusa

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