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Education Jobs - top 5 Jobs In Education

Even though there area unit speak high rates of unemployment, education jobs area unit still offered. many of us coast to coast have found paid employment for education work because the sector was comparatively insulated from the economic downslide. Even throughout the center of the recession early january, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found growth in education employment. Nearly 33,000 jobs were more when alternative industries were either retrenching staff or subjecting them to pay cuts.

As more and more students area unit enrolling into K-12 grades, the education sector is thriving like never before. In actual terms, the per centum in education jobs born from 5.3 percent to four percent from Dec 2008 to February 2009 when unemployment figures went up to eight.1 percent throughout the same period. Among the widely offered education jobs, there area unit top 5 positions that area unit taking {in more|in additional} and more candidates currently.


They are those involved in instructing groups of scholars on the fundamentals of sports, which has been attention area in the previous couple of years. several coaches operating in colleges additionally double up as academics and the projected figure for the position by the year 2016 in education employment is 249,000. Coaches can expect to earn a mean yearly wage of $34,720.

Literacy academics

Literacy academics are referred to as GED academics or people who prepare students for the general Education Development check. because the Obama administration has begun swing more emphasis on adult acquisition programs, education careers area unit abundant asked for by job hunters coast to coast. they are academics and instructors UN agency teach kids and adults in addition.
While the typical wage is estimated at $47,830, the employment figure is anticipated to travel up to eighty seven,000 by 2016.


You must be wondering what cooks could knock off education work. Cooks area unit needed all told instructional establishments for preparing breakfast, lunch and food for when college programs in addition. change of state in the college restaurant involves hiring of huge numbers of people and they area unit expected to earn a wage of $22,340 annually. the need during this sector could go up to 445,000 by the year 2016.


For all pre-school and kid care centers across the United States of America, there is nice demand for administrations in education. The candidates can profit of education careers where they tutor in addition as organize all types of {academic|of educational} and non academic programs for youths. they may even find openings and obtain jobs in education in day care centers in addition. the need for this position could go up to 69,000 by 2016 and they could earn $44,430 each year.

Bus drivers

With more colleges developing, there is a good demand {for college|for college|for varsity} bus drivers for choosing up and dropping student s to and from school. Drivers can earn $26,190 annually and their demand is estimated at 497,000 by 2016.

Freelance Jobs

Before taking up freelance jobs, the person needs to determineif his business needs an online affiliation. the simplest celebrated home based mostly jobs area unit through marketing home made products.

Once it's set to travel for an online job, he or she needs to select a contract job, that compliments his expertise, knowledge and expertise. net has created umteen opportunities for freelance professionals in the majority the fields like net development, marketing, copywriting, proof reading etc.

Time management is incredibly necessary in freelance jobs. The person must be terribly organized and targeted to deliver the services and goods on the same time. though doing a contract job can facilitate disbursement a valuable time with the family, it mustn't hinder with the execution of the duty.

The simple requirements of the freelance jobs area unit the resources and tools. they must be in situ like the high speed web affiliation for downloading and uploading information etc. The person needs to set a target to achieve the monthly financial gain desired and work towards attaining it.

When operating independently doing freelance jobs, there is a chance to urge amused easily; as there's no manager or boss to watch the actions and behavior.
This necessitate self discipline and finishing the duty before the point in time to succeed as a contract professional.

The work place for doing freelance jobs needs to be quiet to do the add a targeted manner and free from distractions. Also, it should give a feeling of a work space than of a home atmosphere. Cluttering of materials should be avoided, as it includes a tendency to irritate the person doing job.

When doing freelance jobs, the freelancer should get on a lookout for new comes constantly. also accepting too ample offers beyond the capability should be avoided. comes will|which may|which might} be completed inside the time frame should be selected to be got and delivered on time and so he can settle for new comes.

Job Interview - Best Prep Questions 543

As professional recruiters, we have learned over the years there one question we can ask of almost any job candidate prospect to determine their level of willingness to cooperate with the hiring process, and their ability to adapt their preconceptions of the hiring process to the practical aspects of a professional job search. Everyone answers that one question pretty much the same. The question: "Who can present your credentials best, you - the person who actually lived your experiences, or me?" Well the obvious answer is "you," the person who lived your experiences. But that is the wrong answer. Which illustrates why so many folks have difficulties with job interviews, often wondering later why things didn't turn out better. Why would your recruiter be a better person to present your credentials than yourself? Because a recruiter will organize your credentials so they appear as a solution to the employer's needs. Typically, when job candidates present their own resume and supporting credentials in an interview, they present their background in a way that is the most flattering, not necessarily the most effective or logical for getting the job at hand. This article reviews how a job candidate can organize and present their credentials in a job interview so it is to their best advantage. The best way to prepare for a job interview is by learning which questions will likely arise in a job interview, and having some predetermined answers for those questions - answers that both illustrate your skills and successes and present your experiences as the solution to the job you seek.
Often, face to face interviews are preceded by a telephone screening, whereby a key Human Resources or other representative contacts the job candidate directly by phone to ask some basic questions. While the strategies described herein apply to phone and on-site job interviews, the objectives differ. In the telephone interview, the objective should be to quickly illustrate your interest in the job and skills you bring to bear so as to generate a job interview. With the face to face interview, the objective should be to lead to a job offer. Attempting to get a job offer differs from actually getting the job. A job candidate who asks for the job offer by selling themselves to the company as the best fit and most motivated candidate, will likely leave the job interview with an offer in hand.
It is important you arrive at the interview 20-30 minutes early. Obviously, being late sends a negative message about you to the interviewer. Many interviewers don't meet with candidates who arrive late. Plan ahead. Investigate traffic patterns relative to the time of your job interview. Don't expect the interviewer will be sensitive to delays caused by traffic congestion or an unexpected traffic accident. They expect you will allow for those eventualities, just like they do.
Women: A skirt, dress or dress-suit or pant-suit are the most appropriate for the female candidate. Make sure your clothes are neat, clean and well pressed and make sense. Avoid controversial garb, anything too revealing or too trendy. You want to look professional, not like you are there to get a date or express a fashion statement.
Men: A dress suit, shirt and tie is the most appropriate clothing for the male candidate. Make sure your clothes are neat, clean and well pressed. Avoid flashy colors, jeans, T-shirts or tennis shoes. Wear your hair neat (including facial hair), clean and well groomed.
Oh yeah, and please cover tattoos and body piercings. While your private friends may enjoy the current fad of body art, most likely, a new employer isn't impressed, in fact, may look upon those expressions as somewhat immature - regardless of how you may feel about them. If such corporate attitudes are uncomfortable for you, find another prospective employer who is more open to such un-requested expressions of personality. Otherwise, be professional, dress professional, behave professionally.
Have a pen, notepad and extra copy of your resume and references with you. Make notes of questions you want to ask that relate to the job and company. Put those items in a place that will be easy for you to get to when you need them in the interview. If you currently use a daily/weekly planner, bring that with you too. You should try to arrive at your interview well rested, with a clear mind and a plan for presenting your credentials and supporting materials like references.
Smile, be friendly, not nervous, offer a solid handshake and say something friendly, like: "Good morning, pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the opportunity to visit with you today." Show your enthusiasm about the opportunity to work for their company. Remember, they are interviewing you for a job that requires specific skills and genuine enthusiasm -- if you don't express that at the interview, they many not be convinced you have the stamina required for the job.
For the job interviewer, it is all about filling the job with the right person. Believe me, most job interviewers don't want to hear about your antique tin can collection, or how you landed that elk last year on your vacation. An interviewer wants your undivided attention on their job needs. Your personal habits distract from that focus. Such personal comments may include topics like: smoking, chewing gum, nervous finger or feet movement, tapping a pencil or a fork, humming, whistling, stretching, cleaning finger nails, clearing your throat, excessive "ums" in conversation, or focusing too much time on unrelated topics. Don't make negative remarks about your past or present employers or workmates. Negative remarks will not help your cause, and will seem as though you are blaming others for poor results.
Learn as much as you can about the company and the duties of the job position which interests you, like income range and associated benefits. Family and friends are sometimes sources of information about the company you seek for employment. But don't rely on hearsay, try to talk to someone in the company about the requirement and expectations of the job you seek. And utilize more than one source of comments about the company you are considering. Any positive things you learn about the company, make sure you mention them to the interviewer as a way to express your long term interest in the job you seek. Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to work for their company, offering sensible reasons that are practical in results.
You don't want to confuse the interviewer with too many questions. Remember, they are interviewing you, so be prepared to answer all their questions smartly. But challenge the interviewer with some of your own questions - determine those questions before you arrive to the job interview. Keep good eye contact when you ask your questions. Don't get into lengthy discussions. The idea is to engage the interviewer, to show them you can take charge when required and get the information you need. You should strive to create a list of questions that go to the heart of the job you seek.
Be confident and knowledgeable and you will express a good attitude. But don't seem over confident in your abilities. Remain relaxed, answer questions sincerely. Be interested in the job and the company. Lighten up some and use a little humor! Your job interviewer should be made to feel you really want the job and their company. Show serious interest so that you will be considered a serious candidate. Do not mention offers of interviews with other companies, unless asked.
When answering questions that have a pre-determined answer, remember to offer a straight forward and immediate answer, and keep it simple. Avoid yes/no answers, unless you are offering an example to illustrate your answer. In fact, as much as possible, try and offer your key answers in a format of : Strategy-then-example. In that sense, if you were to discuss aspects of how to build a team of your workmates, you could answer with a short comment about your overall strategy of how to build a team, then follow that up with a quick real-time example of how you recently utilized that strategy and the results you got. Something like - "I build a team by making sure everyone involved understands our mutual goals, the timing, and their influence on those goals. When I did that last Spring, as we were introducing a new product, the goal was to sell more product by training team members to up-sell the new product to existing customers - we increased sales over 20-percent in one month."
Most people feel their personal lives are important, so when this question is asked they talk about everything from their children to their wives to their religion and even their favorite hobby or television show. Job interviewers want to hear some of that, or they don't feel they did a proper interview. But, the truth is, the job interviewer is more interested in getting the right skills and experience for the job. So keep your personal comments superficial, and in answering those personal questions, spin your answers in a manner that your answer reflects the skills and knowledge required for the job. After all, you are interviewing for the job, not a hobby partner.
This is your primary time to express how your experience and skills match up to the requirements and needs of the job you seek. Be specific, but don't spend an hour. Keep your words simple. Write out as many of the answers as possible before the interview, so you can be comfortable when you explain your skills. Again, be brief and use examples.
Mature thinkers tend to know their weaknesses. That is why most job interviewers ask this question. Will you admit you have weaknesses, and if so, how do you manage those? Is the weakness too major to allow you to be successful in the job you seek? Meaning to say, know in advance how you will answer this question. For instance, many hard workers are accused of working to many hours. Sometimes it's to do with the workload, sometimes it's just a matter of poor time-management. So if you say you are accused of being a "workaholic," temper that answer by admitting you do work hard, but that you always maintain a reasonable workload for you and your team, so you and your team (if there is one) are active, but you are not really behind in your work. So admit a weakness or two, but express how your results don't suffer.
If you are seeking a management oriented position, describe your management style. Is it more hands-on? Is it analysis based? Do you delegate and verify results? Whatever your style, describe it specifically, not generically. Don't offer hourly-wage answers, offer management oriented answers; hourly wage answers include comments like: "I'm always to work on time; I always get my work done; I get along with others;" and such. Those are the attributes a manager expects of the people who report to them. Make your answers relative to management. Describe your ability and success when you delegate; your success with smart, accurate analysis and reporting and how those reports lead your activities; outline strategies you use to motivate or influence team members. Be detailed, but in short answers.
There is nothing wrong with leaving one job for a better one. Make sure the interviewer sees you as being in that mind-set. If there are serious issues afoot in your current or recent job, don't spend time discussing those, keep the focus on how you are a good match for the job at hand, and how you are motivated to improve and advance. A good response might be something like: " I am always looking to better myself. I heard positive things about your company and this job in particular, so I wanted to explore my options".
This isn't a trick question, like most people believe, having two sides: 1) To show how ambitious are you. 2) Are you loyal. It's okay to say you want to advance, if that is the case. But do it politely, a good generic response may be something like: "I want to be a better manager than I am now." Or, "I would be actively working towards promotions in this company."
Obviously, there are too many hiring scenarios to try and cover all pertinent job interview questions here. But, there are some basic questions that may likely arise, and for which you should generate pre-fabbed answers, so you can offer an intelligent and job related response if such questions come up in conversation. Write out your answers to each of these questions.
How will you be an asset to our company (good opportunity to mention prior achievements, without being boastful.)
Why did you pick this industry?
Describe a unrelated leadership role that you held.
What has been your greatest challenge in your career?
Give me an example of a problem that arose in your job, and how you solved it.
Tell me about a project you initiated and the results.
What types of situations put you under pressure and how did you deal with it?
Give me a situation in which you failed, how did you deal with it?
How do you work with difficult people?
What was your greatest accomplishment?
What challenges are you looking for in a position?
What motivates you?
If I asked people who know you to describe you, what three words would they use?
Describe a situation where you had to work with someone who was difficult. How did you handle it?
What traits are most important for a good manager?
Tell me a about a team project of which your are particularly proud of. What was your contribution?
What type of environment appeals to you the most?
What characteristics are most important in a good manager? How have you displayed one of them?
What makes someone a good leader?
What are your expectations of a good employer?
What do you do in your spare time?
The whole idea here is to leave nothing to chance. Literally write out your answers in advance. Most job candidates do not follow this good advice, believing they already know how best to present their credentials. Don't make that mistake. Organize your answers in advance, put them in perspective of how your skills and know-how best fit the job for which you are interviewing. By organizing these simple tasks to prepare for your job interview, you will greatly increase your odds of getting hired. Don't leave your next great job to chance. Prepare for it now.
by Mark Baber

jobs for communications majors 547

Careers in Communications

One of the basic necessities of any thriving business venture is nice communication with the overall public. those that get jobs for communications majors have their fingers on the heartbeat of a really important facet of any structure. However, several students United Nations agency are interested in this major might not apprehend what career path they'll take.

Before opting to vary your major, you'll need to explore different job opportunities for people who have a degree in communications. There are several specialised positions to consider and there could also be over one that pulls your attention. the jobs are varied and made with attention-grabbing layers.

Careers that are back-geared for communication majors are quite varied. some of the specialised careers are therefore diverse that several different people are interested in this field in general. you have got additional options out there to you than you ever fanciful once getting into this major.

A communications specialist will add a number of different realms in one organization. this college major is appropriate for positions in healthcare, banking, government, social programs, banking and producing. Jobs for communications majors will accommodate different fields of interest.

The human resources department is an integral a part of any business structure. A communications specialist has several great opportunities during this realm. Anyone United Nations agency likes to work with individuals and United Nations agency doesn’t mind legion filing and work can relish this field. this is particularly appealing for people who are all right organized.

Those who love to write or flex some inventive muscles may well be interested in exploring the world of advertising and publication. These are moneymaking fields within the realm of communications that have many various avenues to explore. The avenues embody the position of a publiciser or a PR specialist.

Some choose to explore new info and gather knowledge whereas working towards the way to convey the information in an exceedingly clear, compact manner to the overall public. the ideal job for communications majors during this area could be a position as a public info officer. those that love working for a worthy cause might like working for a nonprofit organization as a communication specialist.

There are several alternative opportunities to consider during this field of study in addition. The thriving transmission of information and concepts could be a elementary tool for any booming business venture. people who enter this field are certain to have several selections in jobs for communications majors.

How to Motivate Job Seekers to Find Work

Sustaining the motivation to find work can be exhausting and frustrating. Some job seekers become depressed when they've been searching for work for a long time, and they simply give up looking. Remember that finding a job is a law of averages---send out enough resumes and make enough contacts and eventually you'll be back at work.

Establish a daily routine. Remember that looking for a job is your job. If you went to work everyday, you would have a set routine. There is no reason not to have a set routine now.

Use a planner to schedule specific tasks each day and ensure that you dedicate at least four to five hours each day for the job search. Don't allow yourself to sleep past 8 a.m. during the work week---job hunting should occur during business hours.

Set specific goals that are attainable through small incremental targets. For example, one goal could be to update your resume, followed by asking friends to review it. Another goal could be that you will make a certain number of cold calls to potential employers each week.

Write down your goals and keep them visible in your work space to remind you of your direction while searching for work.

Review goals at the end of every week and set new goals for the following week. If you missed the mark on some of your goals, re-assign them to the following week. For example, if making a contact at a local agency was on your goal list last week and you didn't do it, re-assign the goal to be accomplished on Monday of the following week.

Celebrate successes. Staying motivated means staying positive. Celebrate small gains such as scoring an interview or making contact with an employer. Invite friends over or go to the movies with your spouse to mark your accomplishment.

Tell friends about your plans so they are included in your journey. Friends can help keep you in the game and motivated if you include them in your celebrations and path to a new job.
By Gina Ragusa

How to Find a Job Quickly

If you have lost your job and do not have adequate savings for a few months, the urgency of searching for a new job can be stressful. Depending on the type of job you want and your qualifications, the process of getting new employment may involve contacting multiple employers and monitoring several job websites and newspapers. However, you can use simple strategies to expedite the process of finding a new job.

Check online job boards for job listings in your area. Some online job boards offer listings across a variety of industries; others specialize in one or more career fields. Most allow job seekers to complete applications and upload resumes.

Monitor the classified ad listings of online versions of newspapers in your city.

Network with former co-workers to find out about openings at companies similar to your previous employer.

Attend career fairs in your city. Career fairs typically feature dozens of employers, some of which may accept applications and conduct initial interviews on the spot. Some career fairs include employers representing multiple industries; others focus on a particular industry such as technology, manufacturing or hospitality.

Visit company websites and submit applications directly to the companies.

Ask for an application at the company's physical location if the company does not offer an online application option. Depending on the company's needs, you may get an interview before you leave.

Call independent recruiters in your area. These professionals specialize in matching companies with applicants and can help arrange an interview. An independent recruiter may also provide you with background information about the company and help you prepare for the interview.

Complete applications at temporary staffing services in your area. These businesses provide companies with employees on a temporary or temporary-to-permanent basis, and handle functions such as employee screening and payroll. Some temporary staffing services can help you begin working in as little as one to two days. By Owen Pearson

federal jobs 3798

There area unit several great jobs out there, and a few have a yen to try and do one thing that they assume is incredibly necessary. whereas not everyone is a doctor or save the planet, you'll find federal jobs that facilitate in vital ways. Of course, the foremost desirable of these jobs would be President, that's not one thing that everyone can or perhaps needs to try and do. However, when thinking about creating a difference, working in the government to some capacity can assist you do just that.

Though not all federal jobs area unit exciting, you'll have a sense of creating a difference if you get the right one. you will assume that entry level jobs are not all that exciting, but this can be where most start once they seek federal jobs. you should forever do your best and appearance ahead, and check that you make it legendary that you area unit willing to take a promotion after you area unit qualified to try and do therefore. Some wish to find one job and stick with it, but advancement is always possible with this sort of job. you will even want to take some further schooling to assist you out once you get going.

Those seeking federal jobs should keep one thing in mind. If you would like this sort of work, you want to have a transparent criminal history. In some cases, you want to even have a good credit score. tho' you will not see what your credit score needs to do with federal jobs, but there area unit several in the non-public sector that area unit checking credit currently in addition. you will even be surprised to seek out that they'll scrutinize the history of your shut members of the family in addition. they do this for security reasons. If you have got somebody problematic in your family, it should not cost you employment, but that's not legendary till you apply.

You can find federal jobs in several of constant places that you would find alternative jobs. Some could also be listed on online sites, and you'll find some through your native job bank. If you don’t grasp what that's, call your local government official for more data. you'll sometimes access your state job bank through the web. you'll additionally raise around for anyone World Health Organization may fathom how to find federal jobs. These are not as hard to seek out as you will assume. they'll not be listed in your native paper, but they're out there for people who seek them.

Call Center Jobs - How To Information

Though I don’t know it, there area unit some who like to have call center jobs. I had a friend once who adored these jobs, and i continually puzzled why she likeable them so much. She adored talking on the phone, and didn’t mind calling folks up to visualize if they needed to buy one thing or to visualize if they needed to administer money to charity. Most aren’t like her tho', as a result of they're cognizant of however unwelcome these decision is. However, if you wish to speak on the phone, there area unit jobs for this which may not be as unhealthy as that.

The call center jobs that most seek for area unit the ones that deal with respondent the phone instead of making calls. Most firms want customer service representatives, and that means that call center jobs will probably continually be out there. tho' there area unit some automated systems out there, the general public with a problem or a matter will need to speak to a real one who can help them kind things out. Utilities and alternative firms have a huge want for this, however those jobs aren't limited to those industries.

Any company worth anything will have a decent amount of call center jobs available. Some will rent another company to try and do it for them, however the result ought to be constant. Those working call center jobs ought to have a decent knowledge regarding what they're planning to be doing, and also the data they have to assist any caller. They conjointly need to be economical and polite, and that they even have to know once a decision is over their head and will be passed on to some other person.

Call center jobs is great jobs, however you should ensure you find out what you may be doing and what's going to be expected of you. Not all firms area unit great, however some area unit specialized to their workers. like any form of job, not all call center jobs will be great jobs, however the unhealthy ones can help somebody gain expertise. once working with tough folks, it's often not fun, however you are doing get more out of than you may suppose. folks skills area unit essential, and there is no better thanks to learn them than to figure with people who area unit but agreeable. in spite of where you end up with this type of job, there area unit continually planning to be folks that give you problems.

answer job interview questions 43

Preparing for the interview questions can be one of the most difficult and annoying experience. On one hand you know you have made a perfect interview. You want this job, and you can feel it in the bones that you are the right candidate for this. It comes down to this interview, you have everything, what I give. In addition, you have no clue of what they have to look. How to study for an interview? How do you know when you answer job interview questions well or not?

Actually, the practice can only help. Answer the questions in the interview is as much a matter of feeling in your feet comfortable as you have the right answer. Although many questions give interview several books advisory services, the types of responses that an employer is looking for, everyone tell you, they have a better chance of getting the job if seems confident.

Therefore, we have to answer job interview questions with a friend before the interview. Practice Questions and Answers can only be helpful, but practice with a partner can be even better. A partner will help simulate the real conditions of the interview. He or she can tell you if you appear calm, safe and comfortable with the interview. It can give you tips, eye contact, body posture, facial expressions and hand you need.

The problem is to find the right answers to the interview questions is difficult. You see, every employer is looking for something else. I have worked in human resources for five years, so I know a little about the subject. Basically there are several things I look for someone I interview. Of course, he or she must answer job interview questions in an honest, direct and confident, but goes further. I want someone who is honest. In general, there is a tie, secure way to answer job interview questions, but sometimes you can get better results in some standard way to get answers. If you illustrate your points with a really interesting story of his own experience, an impression will be even better. Basically, the most important thing to engage your correspondent. If you can do that, that he or she wants to have the job!

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Being Organized Makes For More Job Hunting Success

Job hunting or job seeking is what people do when they are looking for employment. It doesn't matter if it is due to unemployment or dissatisfaction with a current position, the principles are the same.
The obvious goal of job seeking is to obtain a job interview with a potential employer which will eventually lead to the job hunter being hired for a job.
Your Starting Point
As a starting point you need to typically first look for job openings or relevant employment opportunities using one of the most common methods of job hunting which are to:
* Look on the internet using job search engines;
* Read through the job advertisements in newspapers and journals;
* Sign up with a private or public employment agency or recruitment consultant;
* Network with contacts via an extended business network or personal contacts;
* Search company websites for vacancies;
* Go to recruitment or job fairs.
These methods are all likely to generate some opportunities which you can then pursue.
When you have identified a number of suitable job openings, the trick is to position yourself first to get an interview and second to convince the prospective employer, that you are the person they should engage for the job. Do not think you are being unethical or unfair because you pursue more than one opening at a time; that is a major mistake that is frequently made. Don't forget that the employers are looking at lots of people for their jobs, so you are entitled to look at more than one job at a time too.
Organized Job Hunting
When you are following multiple opportunities, the worst thing that can happen is that you lose track of which job is which, so you need to get organized. Keeping track of all the different details for every job application can be an administrative nightmare, so I've created a 10-page Interview Toolkit which you can download and print, free, to help you keep on top of everything you're pursuing.
Job hunting success depends on these three things:
1. The quality of your job application cover letter
What you need is the right cover letter layout for your application that shows off your key strengths in a way that the prospective employer needs to interview you!
2. The quality of your CV or Resume
Most people will only start to write their CV when they are actively looking for a new job, so we've included masses of job search and job changing information too; just have a good look around my website;
3. How well you perform at the interview
In the interview, you have a relatively short time to create a memorable impression and demonstrate your skills and abilities to the decision-maker. If you've prepared your answers to the interview questions that are most likely to come up, you can be sure it will go well.

How to Answer The Most Difficult Interview Questions

The following 'difficult' questions are common to most tricky or adversarial interviews. In order to convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job, you must prepare and rehearse your answers meticulously. Study the job description and the candidate profile; research the company; and match your skills and accomplishments to the employer's requirements.
When preparing your answers, consider what each question is designed to find out about the candidate's suitability for the position on offer.
1. Why are you leaving your current job?
The employer is seeking to identify problems you have had in the past that you may carry over into your new job. Always cite positive reasons for joining and leaving a company. Never criticize your previous employer or work colleagues. Avoid statements that may convey a negative impression of yourself or your ability to get on with others. State that you are looking for a new challenge and briefly explain why you see the advertised position as an important step forward in your career.
2. Why should we employ you rather than one of the other candidates?
The interviewer wants to know what unique quality makes you the best person for the job. To differentiate yourself from the other candidates, you must show that you have researched the company thoroughly and studied the job description. You should be prepared to demonstrate clearly how your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments match the employer's specific needs. It is important to convey genuine enthusiasm for the post.
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This particularly tricky question requires painstaking preparation and rehearsal. The interviewer is looking for evidence of critical self-assessment and a commitment to continuous self-development. Stress specific job-related strengths and accomplishments. Select one weakness that could be viewed both as positive and negative, e.g. you are a perfectionist who tends to work too long hours. Show, by particular example, how you have successfully addressed this tendency. Make sure to portray yourself in a positive light. Never mention a weakness that is directly related to job for which you are being interviewed.
4. Tell me about yourself.
The interviewer wants to know how well suited you are to the job and how you can benefit the company. Spend no longer than two minutes answering this question. By analysing the job description and carrying out detailed company research in advance, you will have a clear idea of the ideal candidate. Focus on your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments that relate to the advertised position. Remember that the company has a problem and they are looking for the best solution. Prove to them that you can solve their problem better than anyone else.
5. Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
This question is designed to determine your career plan. Have you well planned short-term and long-term career goals? Is the advertised position consistent with these? If hired, are you likely to commit yourself fully to the company or will you seize the first opportunity to move on? Show that you have a structured way of establishing goals. Demonstrate the importance of the job on offer as part of your career progression. Stress that you are ambitious, but realistic. Let them know that you plan to develop professionally within the company and to work energetically to obtain promotion.
6. Why do you want to work for our company?
The interviewer is trying to discover how much you know about the company. Once again, detailed company research will pay handsome dividends when it comes to answering this question. The candidate who displays a knowledge of the company and an awareness of the challenges it faces is more likely to be selected than the tongue-tied interviewee who looks perplexed when asked why he or she wants to work for that particular company.
You should find out as much as you can about the company's organisational structure; its financial history; its range of products, goods or services; its aims and objectives; its philosophy and culture; its trading methods; its history, current position, and future developments; its competitors; its training programmes; its attitude towards its customers; its achievements; and any problems it may have. Tailor your answer in terms of their needs not yours.
Be positive. Say that you like what you've heard about the company and the way they treat their staff and customers. Stress that you are confident that you can make a meaningful contribution.
Gerard McLoughlin, author of 'Four Minutes To Interview Success' [], has contributed career-related articles to hundreds of recruitment companies, websites and publications throughout the world, including: USA Today,,, etc. By Gerard McLoughlin

Job Search: The Value of Seizing the Moment

Carol Gibson was just trying to get back home to Austin after the Christmas holidays. Hanging out during a layover at the airport, she wasn't focused on trying to find a job, but, somehow, a job found her. Here's her story. It involves crazy weather, Twitter, the media, an inspired moment and serendipity.
Crazy Weather
Carol was visiting her parents for the holidays at their home in sunny California, about 3 hours outside of San Francisco. The crazy weather was actually happening on the east coast. Unusually harsh blizzards delayed flights all over the country. Carol learned that her flight was cancelled 8 hours before it was scheduled to depart. She called the airline to rebook but couldn't get through. So her only choice was to make the 3-hour trek to the airport in San Francisco, hoping she could catch the next available flight.
When she arrived at the airport, she was told that she couldn't fly home for another 3 days! The only alternative was to change airlines. Even though the flight with the new airline wasn't due to leave until the next day, she took it. She was forced to spend precious funds from an already tight budget on a hotel room.
A Twitter user, Carol (@gibsonic) posted occasional progress reports or "tweets" about her situation using her mobile phone.
Dec 27 - "At SFO wondering how I'll get back to Austin. Flight cancelled. Maybe this is a sign that Cali wants me back. Or bad weather on the east..."
Dec 27 - "I'm at San Francisco International Airport"
Dec 28 - "Do over (@ San Francisco International Airport)"
Dec 28 - "Progress!! (@ Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)"
The Media
So there she was settling down for her layover in Phoenix on December 28. Then, out of the blue, she got a tweet from a stranger: "Have you been delayed? I'm an AP reporter and would like to chat if so." The tweet included a phone # to call.
So she responded: "@AmandaLeeAP yep! Was supposed to fly SFO to aus yesterday but had to alter plans. Left my info at phone # you provided."
The reporter interviewed Carol over the phone, asking to quote her for a print story. Then, while Carol was on the plane from Phoenix to Austin, she was featured in an article which appeared in the St. Louis paper, and
When she landed in Austin, she was contacted by a second reporter who asked permission to record the phone interview. A local talk radio station ran the story, quoting Carol on the air over and over at the top of every hour. Unaware of all the press she was receiving and just happy to be home, her friends began to contact her. They'd either read something about her online or heard her on the radio.
Later, when Carol related the details of her wacky 2-day journey, she told me that she didn't think she had said anything remarkable to the reporters: "My comments were stuff like, 'What is there to be angry over? We're all human - it's a blizzard.' And I guess I had a sense of humor about it all. The way I looked at it, I was merely inconvenienced - I didn't miss a wedding or Christmas. I didn't have to sleep in the airport nor was I traveling with small children."
An Inspired Moment
Apparently, Carol did, indeed, say something special to the media, something that, in retrospect, came out of her during an inspired moment. When the AP reporter asked about her profession, she questioned, in her own mind, if she should mention being unemployed. She decided "what the heck" and blurted out, "I'm an unemployed business analyst." It turns out that swallowing her embarrassment about being unemployed was a smart move.
Several weeks later, Carol received an email through LinkedIn from a representative at a start-up company called Helical Plane: "I saw the story in the news. We're hiring and would like to talk to you."
After a couple of rounds of interviewing, Carol was offered a contract job with the opportunity to be considered for a regular, full time position in the future.
"I accepted," said Carol, "because it's like a first date. I can see if it will work out."
In the meantime, Carol is covering her bases. She has recently created her own DBA, Crossbrook Consulting. "I plan to help nonprofits, SMBs and start-up companies with their events, promotions products, etc. I love creative communications work - I guess you could call it 'unconventional marketing.' This experience with Twitter and the media reinforced my desire to work with creative communications such as social media to promote causes I believe in."
Carol's big takeaways from her experience with Twitter and the media during her job search:
- You never know who's listening to you and your story.
- Always use positive language about your situation.
- Keep your sense of humor.
- Don't be embarrassed about saying you're unemployed.
- Use all of the tools at your disposal.
It seems Carol also learned the value of seizing the moment!
Angela Loëb is a published author, speaker and career/personal development consultant who loves facilitating workshops as well as working with individuals one-on-one. She's been dedicated to helping people bring who they are to what they do for two decades. She's written hundreds of articles and co-hosts an internet radio show. In addition to owning her own firm, InSync Resources, she is a partner at Great Occupations. Twitter: @angelarloeb. By Angela Loeb

Seize the Opportunity and the Job: The Interview

So, you’ve submitted a killer Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents. You’re ahead of the pack and have just received a call for an interview. What do you do next?

The interview is the most stressful and important part of job hunting. This is where the employers make a decision based on his or her impression of whether to hire you for their job. You will want to do your best in this part because here lays the culmination of all your job hunting efforts. Flub it here and all your efforts from application to examinations will go down the drain.

1. Make a Great Impression
Always dress in your best attire for the interview. Your attire should be appropriate. No matter what the company may require for their employees, the first impression for applicants should be conservative business attire.

2. Do a Little Research
One of the best ways to make a good impression on your interviewer is to do a little research on the company you are applying for. This will equip you with material to answer many of the questions the interviewer will ask. One of the main points of the questions you will be asked is how your skills can benefit the company. If you know a thing or two about the company, you will find it a lot easier to answer this question. Plus, dropping a few meaty tidbits about how much you know about the company will go a long way in impressing the interviewer.

3. Watch Your Body Language
Many of the interviewers are well versed in body language, and you will find that, throughout the interview, they will be looking for hints about your personality from the way you act, talk, and move. It would be abnormal to assume a different set of body language during the interview. What you should do is to take note of your body language so that at least it communicates openness and honesty.

Avoid telling lies or embellishing your answers. Experienced interviewers will notice this in an instant. Always keep your palms open and avoid crossing your legs or your arms together. Do not be afraid to make eye contact while speaking; just make sure that you do not come across as intimidating.

4. Confidence
Walk in with a purpose. Answer with a purpose. Try not to be too self-conscious. Make sure you are confident in what you say. If you hit a snag and find yourself in a compromising situation, make sure you handle the situation confidently – even when saying that you do not know an answer to a question.
Confidence reflects competence. Employers always look for competent people to fill their ranks.

Tips For Finding and Actually Getting Free Things on Craigslist

Whether you are on a strict budget or just like getting something for nothing, is the website for you. This online classified website has a large selection of free things listed by internet users who are looking for nothing more than extra space in their home or garage. What can you find? Just about anything. It is common to find used kids clothes, dressers, couches, books, movies, and more. If you want to use Craigslist to find free things, what do you need to do?
Don't Just Focus on Your Local Craigslist Page - Expand Your Search
Most Craigslist shoppers are so trained to automatically select the nearest city they think of first that they don't focus on anything else. Personally, this is what I did. Once I took time to examine all New York listings; I realized while I lived 25 minutes away from one city listed, two others three 30 minutes away in opposite directions. So, what did I do? I spent days thinking about all the good free items that passed me by. Since I basically live smack dab in the middle of three Craigslist location pages, I now search them all for free stuff.
Don't Waste Time Searching on Craigslist
If you are fortunate enough to live in between two or three Craigslist location pages, search them all. But this is a pain in the butt to do on Craigslist, as you can only search one location page at once. Cure that right now and eliminate wasted time. Download and use a Craigslist search tool, which enables you to search multiple locations at once.
Craigslist search tools also enable you to search multiple categories at once. Of course, we don't want to bash the people who give us an endless supply of free stuff, but some have not clue what they are doing. Craigslist has a section just for free stuff, but not everyone lists their free stuff there. They list it in another category. A Craigslist search tool allows you to select all categories and search with the word "free." This way you won't miss any good free deals because a seller mistakenly selected the wrong category.
Know that Many Free Things on Craigslist Are Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
I recently looked for free things on Craigslist. I found some junk, like a free television from the 70s and a free mattress that looked just plain nasty. On that same note, I saw some great items too, like a dresser that looked brand new it just needed the handle to a draw re-attached. The junk you see listed will likely stay on Craigslist until the posting expires, but the good stuff will go quick. by Adnan Masood

They have to know Tips for Executive Job Search

It is normal for everyone to work for the progress and growth. It makes them feel that all your hard work paid off and that the promotion is undoubtedly the best reward you can get.

However, luck seems illusory, must find their own growth somewhere else. Therefore, most of them chose executive job search, where they hope to one day have the opportunity to find work they dreamed executive.

But really a matter of luck? Or are some factors to consider when searching for this leadership position of their dreams?

Getting a good executive job is not dependent on chance. For people who want to learn some tips executive job search, here are some tips on how to get the job of your dreams:

One. Killer Views

The saying, "Looks Could Kill" is an understatement. Although the word is used literally kill the look and the word is sometimes associated with the appearance. But what is said here is that you can definitely kill the chances of a person to his leadership position if the applicant had lost an important factor: appearance.

As the saying goes, first impressions last, so it would be better to make that first impression upon seeing the right to work. After all, if a person wants to have an executive job should dress according to the position. Thus, the executive who had sought work could very well become a reality.

2nd. Show some field

For an administrator, most employers want to hire those who are already an expert in your field. This means that applicants must be experts in fields related to career choices. This goes to show that the applicant has already started a coherent career and is already experienced in the field.

Not good a candidate who claims to be a "learner, but a master of none." Six out of 10 applicants are hired for their expertise in a particular field. This only means that employers are more concerned with people who have already mastered their career and have implemented continuous professional development.

Find an executive job available may be one thing, but actually the dream executive job is another thing. Look and act the part is a must to get the job of your dreams!

Job Search Tips

If you're not sure what to do, here area unit a number of that may help.

A. understand thyself.

Identify what very interest and excite. perceive that these traits define you and use it to explore career choices and opportunities.

2 °. Take a career assessment take a look at.

There area unit plenty of career assessment tests on the market online. Finding the time to form one. The take a look at provides you plenty of information on their core competencies and work preferences.

3 °. Ask other.

It 's very exhausting to examine how others are doing. it might be an advantage to ask friends and family for their appearance and abilities. His colleagues are also an honest source of information. know how they feel, what they like and don't like her and what skills or traits got to modification is helpful in determinative your skilled profile.

4. What moves?

Want to be additional curious about status or a six-figure salary? wish to form a difference in their communities and around the world or simply the capital of your company?

5. Take command.

In eighty years, operating for a large company, in general, we will conclude that he would be operating there for your entire career. At that time, the corporate has launched its career move as he pleases.

At the turn of the century, times have changed. during his career, you may most likely run for a minimum of five corporations. In most cases, it's seemingly that the work of quite five years. Knowing what career path you wish, and confirm that the path that results in wherever you wish to go.

6th. verify the setting of the corporate.

With this emphasis on businesses streamlined and targeted on productivity, adapting to the culture and business area unit as vital as the skilled goals. consider the values ​​and principles of the corporate and compare them together with your own. It 'important that you simply feel comfortable and work with the corporate.

7. Free your mind.

The trajectory of the breed you select is modification and change. Includes expansion and new opportunities. of these changes need a need to travel and explore.

Otto. Balance is that the key.

A huge amount of time devoted to your career once you're in your 20s and 30s. after you reach age forty, your personal life may take precedence and perhaps additional vital to you. realize a company that can give a balance between your work and your life.

9. don't waste your time.

If you're not satisfied with the approach his career goes, do one thing. invariably be on top of things of your career to own a rewarding career.

Craigslist Advertising - The Biggest Bargain in the World

Any business who wants to sell more of their products or services should look into Craigslist advertising.. No matter if the products are being sold through websites or brick and mortar stores, Craigslist can still be very profitable. Except for job posting and housing posting in some markets, advertising on Craigslist is free. Because of this there is little monetary risk in placing your advertisements and you can experiment without worrying about the cost. The only thing you'll have to worry about is agreeing to the Craigslist terms of service and following the specific guidelines when posting.

A major reason for advertising with Craigslist along with the free ads is the huge number of potential customers you'll be able to reach. According to the Craigslist fact sheet they get more than 9 billion page views per month and have ten million new images each month. More than 30 million people including more than 25 million in the US alone use Craigslist each month. At present there are 450 Craigslist sites in all 50 US states, and in over 50 countries. I have to say these kind of figures really support the claim that Craigslist advertising is the biggest bargain in the world.

With mind boggling figures like Craigslist has, you would think any kind of ad you post would be a winner but not so. You still have to have an attractive ad with a perceived good value in a place where people are looking for it. If you don't you won't be successful no matter how many people come to the site. The huge numbers are great but you still need targeted traffic to be successful no matter what you're selling. With as many different sites as they have you can pinpoint your ads to the exact geographical site you want along with the exact category for your product. Marketers know that a small well targeted audience that is interested in your product will make you more money than a huge audience who is not that interested.

One of the keys to marketing to your target customers on Craigslist is to place your ad in the best location on the overall site. Craigslist has specific sections for different types of business to advertise in. If you feel your ad should in more than one section or area then you need to write another variation of your ad so you don't get flagged.

Even if there is not a section for your business or service you still have some options such as placing the ad in the advertising section for small business. There is a chance that someone doing a search in this area might find it, but a better option, if you can't find a good category to advertise in, is to ask Craigslist to add your category. They might accommodate you if they feel it warrants it. Having your own category to your self for even a little while could turn out to be a real winner for your business.

Advertising on Craigslist is fantastic but spamming is not cool or is it tolerated. Do not under any circumstances run the same ad on more than one category or in more than one location. If you want to run more than one edition of the same ad you must rewrite it so it doesn't appear to be spam to readers or the spam watchers on Craigslist. Spam may not only cause your potential customers to boycott your ads if they see them all over the place, but you may get all your ads deleted and even possibly be banned from advertising in the future. Play by the rules set forth by Craigslist and you won't find a better advertising bargain anywhere.  by Don A Levy

Accounting Jobs & Careers. realize Jobs in Accounting

Accounting graduates, have broader choices and specific ways to follow with their careers. Accounting needs a lot of skills when it comes to business which is why every company has Associate in Nursing employee that's Associate in Nursing accounting graduate. If you're Associate in Nursing accounting graduate, you'll be able to apply in any kind of firm. Areas may embrace tax, audit, monetary analysis and management accounting.

It is best that you apply for a job that matches your interests and experience. There are careers that have been proved by most accounting graduates to bring them to the highest of the success ladder and you'll need to consider entering these fields.

If you're Associate in Nursing accounting graduate who stand out publically accounting, the entry-level positions that best match this talent are Tax staff, Consulting/ Management Services and staff Auditor. With these positions you'll do your duties coverage to a senior. Once you've got nonheritable three to six years of experience in any of these positions, you'll then need to consider applying for the higher levels like Tax Senior, Senior Auditor, and Consulting Senior wherever the position entails coverage on to a Manager. after six years of excelling with these potions, then you'll contemplate the positions Partner level and Senior Partner.

Having a position with corporate accounting, one to 3 years of experience can qualify you to become a staff member in Internal Audit, Tax Accounting, Management, and monetary Accounting. Moving up the higher lever after three to six years, you'll be eligible for the Senior Level for Internal Audit, Tax Accounting and Management Accounting. Six years thenceforth, you'll need to consider aiming for the positions just like the Tax Manager, Internal Audit Manager and monetary Accounting Manager.

Expertise in monetary Management, staff for monetary coming up with, cash Management, and Credit Analysis are options for entry-level positions. Once you've got gained the enough experience, you'll aim for the Treasury Operations, Credit Analysis and Senior monetary coming up with. Higher positions can embrace money handler, Manager for Credit Analysis and monetary coming up with.

These career options are ancient ways that were found to suit best for accounting graduates. However, it does not mean that they're the sole way to climb up the success ladder. you should transcend not just limit your skills to accounting. it's still recommended that you gain enough work experience, acquire data in different aspects of education, and still improve your character to be a step ahead with other job seekers.

Understanding Craigslist's Uses

Many people hear the name Craigslist and know it refers to some sort of website but many are still unclear about the different ways in which Craigslist can be used. However, Craigslist receives over four billion page views per month so there are obviously many people who have a better understanding of the services offered by Craigslist. Essentially, Craigslist is similar to the classified section of a newspaper where individual can either post advertisements or respond to existing advertisements. There are a variety of different advertisements offered online and presented in a group of different categories to make it easier for users to find these advertisements. Whether you are new to Craigslist or a veteran of the online community this article may offer useful information about some of the uses of Craigslist. This article will discuss the following ways visitors can use Craigslist:
* Promote your business with Craigslist
* Find a job with Craigslist
* Sell items with Craigslist
* Meet dates with Craigslist
The above are just four of the most popular options for using Craigslist; however, these four options do not cover the vastness of Craigslist. Readers of this article are encouraged to investigate Craigslist on their own to learn more about what this online community has to offer.
Promote Your Business with Craigslist
One of the most popular uses of Craigslist is for business promotion. Both small businesses and large corporations can take advantage of the free advertising offered on Craigslist to promote their business and attract new customers. Business owners are free to place advertisements on Craigslist in the section for services offered. This section is broken down into a number of categories to allow business owners to place their advertisement in the most appropriate location where it is likely to reach the target audience. There is also a section for small business advertisements but it might be more worthwhile to place advertisements in one of the appropriate categories because it is more likely to be found by interested individuals.
Participating in the discussion forums and providing insightful comments and accurate answers to questions while also placing a link to a business website can help to drive traffic to an ecommerce website. However, when doing this, care should be taken to avoid making posts which will be perceived as spam.
Find a Job with Craigslist
Individuals can also use Craigslist to find jobs. They can either browse through the listings available by selecting a location and a general category. Additionally, the search feature can be used to refine the search for a job. This may include using search criteria such as whether or not the position is a telecommute position, a contract position, an internship, a part time position or a position with a non-profit organization.
Conversely business owners and human resources representatives can use Craigslist to solicit resumes for open positions. Those who post job openings in an appropriate category on Craigslist are likely to receive a large number of responses.
Sell Items with Craigslist
Individuals can also sell new or used items through Craigslist. Here individual can post a host of items which they are offering for sale. These items can be posted into different categories and the user supplies a description of the item as well as a desired price. There are also categories for individuals to place items they are seeking as well as items they are offering free of charge. There are some restrictions placed on the type of items which can be sold through Craigslist. For example the sale of firearms is not permitted in the sporting goods section and pornographic items cannot be offered for sale in the CD/DVD/VHS section.
Meet Dates with Craigslist
Craigslist can also be used to find potential dates. There are however a number of strict restrictions enforced in the personals section. Most importantly Craigslist does not allow individuals to impersonate another individual in a personals advertisement. Those who place a personals advertisement on Craigslist have a number of categories from which to choose. They can post an advertisement seeking platonic relationships, seeking romantic relationships, seeking missed connections or other relationship related scenarios.  by Paul B

Craigslist Built a Brand

First of all, Craigslist is defined as an online community with many entities.  It is composed of internship, housing, erotic services, personals, services, community, gags, pets, for sale/barter/wanted, resumes, jobs and various other forum categories.  Originally, however, Craigslist served the San Francisco Bay area with the sole purpose of posting notices of social interests for software and Internet developers.  Eventually, as the word of mouth spread, Craigslist became what it is today- a multi-million dollar enterprise.
In the early months of 1995, Craig Newmark founded Craigslist.  Between 1999 and 2007, the company experienced the majority of its growth and success.  Instead of listing in only one city in 1995, Craigslist took on nine more U.S. cities in 1999 and 2000.  Four more cities were added between 2001 and 2002, and fourteen additional cities in 2003.  By the time September 2007 rolled around, Craigslist had dramatically changed; it had then reached out to 450 cities in 50 countries.  Just like a logarithm in a math equation, Craigslist was exponentially growing.  Despite the continual expansion of the website, Craigslist still operates on a staff of 24 people at its headquarters in San Francisco's Sunset District. 
Many people wonder how a classified ad website such as Craigslist generates money.  Craigslist's CEO, Jim Buckmaster, told the UBS in December of 2006 that they have little interest in increasing their profit; their main focus and goal is to help subscribers and guests find jobs, housing, vehicles and dates.  In addition to this, the website claims that the majority of their revenue will go to charities.  To answer the question on how Craigslist makes money, it is mainly dependent on paid job ads in selective cities within the United States.  They charge $25 an ad for job listings in Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles.  For job listings in San Francisco, Craigslist charges $75.  Additionally, in November 2008, they issued a $5 fee for erotic services.
So, just how popular is Craigslist?  For starters, the Craigslist website experiences over nine billion page views per month.  Because of this, it has been put as the 47th most popular site in the world and 9th most popular site in the United States.   Not only is it ranked as one of the most well-liked sites on the Internet in general, it is the number one leading classified service on the web.  There are over thirty million new classified ads and two million new job listings each month!  The financial and ownership information on Craigslist is widely unknown because the site's executives keep it disclosed.  It is estimated, however, that in 2004, Craigslist's revenue reached $10 million, $25 million in 2006 and possibly $150 million in 2007.  It has also been said that Craig Newmark owns the largest share of Craigslist but Jim Buckmaster owns the next biggest slice with eBay following last at around 25%. 
There are only a few things that can be attributed to Craigslist's immense success, according to Craig Newmark.  He says that his site gives everyday people a voice and a sense of trust within the Craigslist community.  He believes that people will feel most comfortable when buying or selling a product or service on a website that allows for posting in an individual's city.  Also, Craigslist is run on honest values and standards, wonderful customer service, and above all, simplicity.  Its plain format and simplistic design allow for a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors alike.  Also, Craigslist's non-commercial nature entices people to post on the site, as well.  When Craig Newmark announced on his blog that eBay had purchased 25% of the company in August of 2004, many customers were afraid that it would eventually turn into an eBay-esque site.  However, to this day, Craigslist remains non-commercial (including no banner ads) to accommodate their customers.   
Despite all of the success and triumph that Craigslist has endured, there have been glitches, problems, criticisms, and lawsuits.  In 2002, Craigslist was sued because it put a disclaimer on 'men seeking men,' 'erotic services,' 'casual encounters,' and 'rant and raves.'  Craigslist wanted to ensure that people under 18 did not have access to these sometimes explicit, adult-only pages.  However, there was not a disclaimer on 'women seeking men,' 'men seeking women,' or 'women seeking women.'  This caused uproar with many customers and now, today, a disclaimer is put on every category in the personals section as well as other odds and ends categories. 
In February 2006, Craigslist was sued by Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law for supposedly allowing their users to post discriminatory housing ads in Chicago.  In September 2006, many websites alleged that Craigslist's 'Casual Encounters' categories had been compromised by fraudulent ads to obtain personal information on people.  One of the most alarming scandalous situations came in September 2007 when a woman from Minneapolis pled guilty to running an underage prostitution business through Craigslist.  A Michigan woman was caught using Craigslist to hire a killer to murder a romantic rival in February 2008.  In April of this same year, a couple was convicted of placing an ad on Craigslist that invited the public to take items for a man's home in Oregon in order to cover up their own burglary of his home.  Also in April, eBay sued Craigslist in order to "safeguard its four-year financial investment."  They claimed that in January of that year, Craigslist execs diluted eBay's economic potential by more than 10%.  Craigslist filed a countersuit on eBay in May 2008 that claimed eBay had damaged and caused possible harm to their "fair competition."  In May 2008, a Vancouver, British Columbia couple attempted to sell their week-old baby on Craigslist but the duo claim that it was just a joke.  They are still being investigated.
Aside from all of this negative public scrutiny, Craigslist has maintained its popularity and number one spot for online classified advertising.  In order to create a more safe site, they announced in November 2008 that they will be filtering ads for prostitution by mandating that for those who post an 'erotic service' ad, they will need to provide a valid phone number and credit card number.  Also, a Craigslist ad can be flagged and removed if a Craigslist representative or even a fellow customer finds the ad inappropriate or against company guidelines.   by Hal Johnson