Friday, 30 November 2012

5 Effective Tips to stop school dropouts

In recent years, school dropout rates have seen associate degree increasing trend. This does not indicate well as children UN agency will form our tomorrow to be equipped with the right learning tools today to try to to thus. it is important to stop children from dropping school. Here square measure some tips to assist folks and teachers support students throughout their school lives and forestall dropouts.
1. School life should be given due importance
Schools are an important part of my childhood and teenage years. It is the Foundation for children's education. As a parent, you need to monitor their academic progress. If you find that your child is facing a problem, then you should discuss it with the teacher no matter what grade your child is. Being in a lower class is no excuse for ignoring your child is facing difficulties and take the whole matter lightly. Being a tutor them and help them in whatever way you can.
2. Support your child at home
If your child gets bad grades, there are many other solutions to solve problems rather than simply reducing them by calling them stupid. It is important to have a close relationship with your children. A happy family life that will enable them to be successful in other areas of life as well. Disturbed child will always be difficult to focus their attention. If your child is struggling with school work, you can offer homework help or hire a private tutor to help children get the individual attention and personal extras.
3. Praise your child correctly
Ever Praise your child for being smart or ignore them for being stupid. Comments received at an early age contributed to the molding of a childs personality. A child who is being labeled as the smart will be afraid to make mistakes and that is labeled as stupid would have shattered self-esteem. Always encourage your child to work harder and commend them for their efforts and not for their results.
4. Looking for alternatives
If your child is not able to cope well in the areas of academics, trying to find other alternatives where they can fit easily and performs well. Many schools encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities such as drama, music, art and sports. Knowing what your child is good and try to brush up on those skills. It would be a good step in building your childs confidence and help them overcome their weaknesses.
5. Assist your child in setting long-term goals
Help your child set goals that are realistic, challenging, and achievable. If your child has a personal tutor, they can ask for advice and will be able to help better with the task. With the right goals in mind, your child will be able to work more effectively with them. The purpose would be to act as a motivation for the business and achieve success.
Following these tips will help to prevent the rising trend of school dropouts every year.

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