Friday, 30 November 2012

How to home school your children

If you do not trust the public schools in your area you can home school your children. This is a great way to bond with small children and at the same time have great control over education. Of course, home schooling implies a lot of responsibility and it will test a lot of skill and patience.
Before you start teaching your kids about math, history and art or other subjects, you should know what you are teaching. It can be hard to deal with all the topics you plan to teach, so you might want to let the other members of your family know about your home school. They may be able to provide coverage for a particular region, for example, if a member of your family doctor, he can talk for an hour or two with your children about the human body.
In addition to the topics you want to teach, you also have to know and apply the methods of teaching. Teaching is not about filling the child with information. The point is to make the kids want to learn. As a teacher you the advantage of being a parent, which means that you have little authority over you, but it can be a disadvantage because you will tend to be more tolerant of your children. Learn, learn and apply teaching techniques that suit the personality of your child.
Avoid alienating your children, by registering them with the health club or other group activities. Home schooling restrict your children for little or nothing. This can be a dangerous thing, like socializing skills are very important for children to develop their personalities. Learning how to talk and interact with others is one of the most important things that we get when we are little.
Keeping track of your progress! A good teacher knows all about her children. Evaluate your progress and keep a portfolio with the works of your children. See if you have made progress and how you can improve your teaching methods.
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